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Alternative to Payoneer in Pakistan

When I started my freelancing career almost a decade ago, I got introduced to Payoneer through Upwork and some friends. At that time, I used to write a popular blog too. Through my blog posts, I referred thousands of Pakistani users to Payoneer, and at one time they contacted me to get me featured on their website.

In around 2020, I incorporated a C Corp in the US and started selling SaaS services to customers worldwide. I am using Stripe as the payment gateway. I withdraw my earnings to Pakistan as a foreign contractor. I had connected my Payoneer account to Stripe to receive my earnings there. Initially, everything was working fine, but suddenly they closed my account. I tried contacting their support but they never bothered to resolve my issue. They said they couldn't serve me for a "reason" they couldn't disclose.

It left me in huge trouble. I tried creating a business account with them but they rejected it too. They selectively rejected my sign-up and support requests and never bothered to respond.

I was among the top referrers who sent a lot of Pakistani users to Payoneer but they never valued it. My earning sources were reputable and my customers are big companies around the world. I pay my US business taxes and I am maintaining my US Corp pretty well. Still, Payoneer didn't even disclose what the problem was. At least they could have discussed the problem with me and asked me to resolve it.

The Alternative

At that stage, luckily I gave a try to Wise. I have a business account with them as well as a personal account. For the last several years, I have been using Wise without any issues. They have been great.

Please keep in mind that this post is not sponsored. It is my personal, genuine review. If Payoneer is working for you, please keep using it. It has been a great service for me too, except the last very bad experience that left me in huge trouble.

Moreover, if Wise is working for me, it isn't guaranteed that it will work well for others too. The experience may vary. But if you are facing trouble with Payoneer, giving Wise a try is the best thing that you can do.

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